Corn & Callus Removal

Corn and Callus Removal

A corn or callus is formed by thickening of the skin to protect it in areas of high pressure, for example when the skin is rubbing against a shoe.

A callus is usually found on the soles of the feet and is often associated with gait or inappropriate footwear. They are more common in elderly people who have thinner skin and less fatty tissue protection around the bones in their feet.

There are several different types of corn and they usually form over bony areas in the foot such as on the toe joints.

If left untreated corns and callus can become very painful. Sometimes corn removal is possible by regular bathing and gentle rubbing of the corn with a pumice stone. You should never cut corns with scissors and you should always consult a podiatrist before using corn plasters which may contain harmful chemicals or before using any other ‘home remedies’.

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