Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis is the measurement of body movement and muscle activity and is used to assess and treat anyone with problems relating to the way they move. Although this is particularly important for runners as it provides them with essential information on their running style, it can be used to assess anyone with issues relating to the way they walk or run.

A podiatrist uses the information gained from Gait Analysis to recommend the correct footwear based on the degree of pronation measured. Pronation is the natural inward roll of the foot as the heel strikes the ground. In over-pronation the foot rolls too far inward and in under-pronation (or supination) the feet do not roll sufficiently inward.

Gait Analysis also assesses your leg and body movements to highlight any other areas that may be causing problems. It helps to eliminate any recurring problems caused by wearing incorrect footwear.
Biomechanics is the investigation of lower limb function, structure and alignment. It helps to assess the possible causes of heel, knee or back pain by looking for any weaknesses or abnormalities or compensatory factors.

Biomechanical assessment does not just concentrate on the legs and feet but looks at imbalances occurring anywhere in the body which might be causing disfunction or displacement.  Treatment may include footwear advice, corrective exercise and/or orthotic recommendation. Wearing orthotics or insoles in your shoes can improve your foot function, reduce stress on your leg and foot muscles and reduce pain.

At The Foot and Nail Surgery in Kent we offer biomechanical assessment as well as a wide range of insoles and both prescription and custom orthotics to ensure every person receives individualised treatment options specific to their condition. Contact us to make an appointment now.

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